MO x Charles & Keith - Scarf & Nano-EO Antimicrobial Multi-Purpose / Hand Care Spray (20ml) Set


As part of C&K’s SS23 Hong Kong exclusive series, “Strike a Chord”, MO has jointly launched a limited-edition gift set, which includes:

100% Wool Scarf with houndstooth pattern, which comes in black & white or pink & grey.

Limited-edition Nano-EO Antimicrobial spray (April Blooms Fragrance)
24-hour bioactive antimicrobial coating technology effectively kills 99.9% of coronavirus.
Spray often for a subtle floral fragrance; balanced and neutral, it is suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.

For a friend or as a treat for yourself.
A gift of warmth, security, and good cheer—a gift that keeps on giving.

Scarf Size: 164.4cm x 28.5cm

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