MO x Ivana x Serrini - Fairyland Nano-EO Antimicrobial Multi Purpose / Hand Care Spray (20ml)


The team at MO have specially blended two brand-new water and wood inspired antimicrobial sprays for Ivana and Serrini, with distinctive package designs and unique olfactive profiles.

The Nano-EO nanotechnology formula effectively kills 99.9% of coronavirus. The patented ABV bioactive coating maintains 24-hour antibacterial and antiviral effect.

The Nano-EO spray is formulated to be used as a multi-purpose spray for both hands and objects.

The formula contains ceramide; saccharide isomerate, a moisturising compound found in cane sugar; and niacinamide, which act together to protect, moisturise, and repair skin barrier functions at multiple layers of the skin. A faithful companion, use it whenever you need to disinfect your hands or other surfaces.

The spray also comes in a convenient and stylish on-the-go size for busy lifestyles. Refillable and reusable.

PresenceContains: Cypress essential oil, lemon essential oil, violet essence, orris and sandalwood essential oil

VerityContains: Cypress essential oil, pine essential oil, vetiver essential oil

Proprietary Nano-EO Antimicrobial System

Effectively kills >99.9% of Coronavirus

  • Water-based system delivers a synergistic blend of essential oils and ingredients to disinfect skin and/or various other surfaces
  • Provides antimicrobial benefits without harming the skin even with repeated use

Patented ABV Film-forming Technology

  • Provides long-lasting antibacterial effect up to 24H*

Skin-nourishing Formula (multi-purpose spray only)

  • Alcohol-free, hypoallergenic
  • Prevents dryness with multi-level targeted skin moisturizing agents
  • Safe and reliable

 *As tested in lab on plastic surface

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