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In the shadow of the ongoing pandemic, wearing a protective mask to safeguard personal health has become a daily habit for Hongkongers. It comes as no surprise then, that face masks have become a crucial part of one’s OOTD. When people buy disposable masks in Hong Kong, besides the protective function, people also consider the aesthetic appeal and unique qualities of the masks, for example how fashionable masks can suit one’s personal style. With this growing trend, sourcing fashionable face masks have become popular in Hong Kong. 

Closely tied with fit and style, the origin of the mask is also a factor to consider. Masks with labels like masks HK, HK masks, and mask brand HK are preferred by those residing in Hong Kong as they may find that masks made in Hong Kong provide a certain level of quality assurance. In addition, being able to easily trace the manufacturing origin of a mask is also important for some when they buy masks in Hong Kong.

MaskOn by MO is a Hong Kong mask brand founded in 2020 with a mission to offer the best masks in Hong Kong. Best is, of course, somewhat subjective, so for clarity's sake, at MO we define it as using the highest quality materials; protective, yet breathable; comfortable to wear for long durations; and last but not least, aesthetically pleasing (yes—masks should look good and make the person wearing it look good too!)

As a company based in Hong Kong, we pay homage to our roots and characteristic culture; the surrounding environment influences and inspires much of what we do, from design to brand ethos. Our values reflect those of an organisation striving to make life a more enriching experience, emphasising our natural interactions with well-designed goods—beyond mere utility or an abundance of novel features. Along the way, we acknowledge the people, the posture of humility and adaptability, and our unique place and time in history; all of which are necessary to sustain and grow this vision.


Our origin was a nuanced re-evaluation of the relationship daily lifestyle goods have with their users, seeking to bring into confluence aesthetically harmonious products of practical functionality, which also enable individual expression in an understated manner. Specifically, in assessing our products we consider three main criteria: sensory engagement, emotional resonance and relatability, and MO’s distinctive design language. These features constitute the heart of our relationship to every creative pursuit, whether it be the people and campaigns we partner with, the types of products we choose to develop, or even the scrupulous selection process for the palettes of our designs.

MaskOn is well-known for offering protective and stylish face masks with a wide range of colours, from classic black and grey tone colours to soothing pantone colours. Currently, the signature Mood Series has a total of 12 colours, each portraying different facets of human emotions. The concept behind the series is to enable users to express their moods even when they are wearing masks. At the same time, allowing individuals to enhance their style and highlight their personality by bringing a pop of colour into their OOTD and daily life during the pandemic. Except for the more classic colours,  earth-tone coloured masks are also must-have items to easily match your wardrobe. As a Hong Kong mask brand, all of our masks are designed and made in Hong Kong!


masks hk-hk masks-protective mask
 Link:Shop Dawn Now 
Price:HK$140/box(30 pieces)
Details:ASTM Level 3;BFE、PFE、VFE>99%


“Dawn” is a cream-coloured mask, which is part of MaskOn’s Mood Series lineup. Rather than classic white, our design team decided to offer an off-white colour to maintain the aesthetic and subtle design style apropos of the brand. The colour recalls the ambience of dawn—a quiet and calm period before every sunrise. “Dawn” is a versatile piece that can be worn with everything from casual jeans, to formal dresses, and even bold leather jackets, allowing you to display your personality, with a touch of refinement in your everyday fit!


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 Link:Shop Hazy Now 
Price:HK$140/box(30 pieces)
Details:ASTM Level 3;BFE、PFE、VFE>99%

“Hazy” is a khaki grey coloured mask from the Mood Series family. “Hazy” imparts a distinct quality to its wearer, a blend of presence and minimalism. This fashionable face mask offers an easy-to-match style with just about any outfit without being too mundane. A colour that is unobtrusive, yet pleasantly memorable.


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 Link:Shop Serene Now 
PriceHK$140/box(30 pieces)
Details:ASTM Level 3;BFE、PFE、VFE>99%


The gentle and elegant warm tone of “Serene” evokes images of tranquil nature and enchanting dreaminess. “Serene” is consistently one of our most popular products as it complements each season of the year, with peonies blooming in spring, a dreamy summer sunset, a pleasant breeze in fall, and a sleeping rose garden in the frigid winter.

If earthy tones are not your preference, yet you want to break out of the mould of your current wardrobe— not to worry! 

Discover our Mood Series today and start styling your OOTD with MaskOn / MO!

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