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MO is in the business of reimagining the ordinary: creating lifestyle goods that complement our innate proclivities toward beauty, discovery, and self-expression. In what we embody—our products and design principles, our people and communities, our ideas and creative impulses—we embrace and extend a vision of life charged with meaning and significance, whilst delighting the senses. 

MO Philosophy

Our values reflect those of an organization striving to make life a more enriching experience, emphasizing our natural interactions with well-designed goods—beyond mere utility or an abundance of novel features. Along the way, we acknowledge the people, the posture of humility and adaptability, and our unique place and time in history; all of which are necessary to sustain and grow this vision.


An eye for design and uncompromising quality 

MO products share a common design language that not only distinguishes it from others, but also imparts an internal logic to them, organizing what we choose to offer and how we go about creating. In seeing and interacting with our products, one gets a sense of a peculiar human sentience imbued in them—an object that resembles a faithful companion. Good quality is the best complement to good design, they should go hand in hand; indeed, form and function are one.

Flourishing people, community, and partnerships

We believe the people and community that make up MO form the substrate on which the seed is sown and subsequently flourishes. We not only find like-minded and talented individuals to join our cause, we also seek to partner with organizations on parallel missions to make the world a more meaningful place to be.

Respect for heritage, attuned to the present, anticipating what lies ahead

As a company based in Hong Kong, we pay homage to our roots and characteristic culture; the surrounding environment influences and inspires much of what we do, from design to brand ethos. On occasion, we take pride in collaborating with local heritage brands to recreate classic products from a fresh perspective. However, our aim is not to remain there; nostalgia is like candy, delightful in moderation. We keep our eyes open to current happenings and trends, both native and global, anticipating what the future holds—after all, abiding by this conviction is how we came to be and what gets us truly excited!

Capacious approach; adaptable to change 

Our approach is analogous to pursuing a life well-lived, which may be associated with a sense of roominess and being open to different perspectives. Much of the enjoyment—and fun—in life is had in viewing it from different vantage points and being willing to make adjustments.