MO Hand-poured Glass Tumbler Candle 200G



MO Hand-poured Glass Tumbler Candle – Aloof

Inspired by the imagery of a countryside cottage on a frigid winter day, family gathered ‘round the warmth of the flame, the cedar crackling and imparting a welcoming aroma. The smoke rises up through the chimney – puff, puff – as stories are being shared – laughter abounds.

Head notes of citrus, complemented by a spicy body of pink peppercorn and rounded out with a rich, musky base of cedar wood.

MO Hand-poured Glass Tumbler Candle – Serene

The Serene candle is a celebration of the virtues of hope, gratitude and courage in a season of uncertainty, and the broader realities of an often unkind and unforgiving world. Nevertheless, we can choose to greet the day in a disposition of quiet serenity.

First impression is a dry, crisp scent of iris and suede, amber imparts warmth and familiarity, holding all the scents and essential oils in balance.

MO Hand-poured Glass Tumbler Candle – Jazzy

The mellow summer breeze wafts over a freshly watered garden. The vine-like stems of jasmine climbing up the trellises impart a fragrance that captivates, yet they appear so gentle. Delicate, yet exquisite; subdued, yet graceful.

Sensual and intense jasmine envelop the olfactory faculties, middle notes of cardamom make this candle an utterly luxurious treat.

MO Hand-poured Glass Tumbler Candle – Dainty

Roses cleaved from a flowering bush on an afternoon in late spring, the air pregnant with fresh, floral aroma: the herald of a blossoming romance – boundless potential.

Floral and sweet top notes delight upon first whiff, contrasted harmoniously with spearmint, basil, and subtle woodsy undertones

Size: 200G / 7 oz. Height: 8cm - Aloof, Dainty, Jazzy, Serene

Roughly 50-hour burn time

Made with care in Hong Kong

Vegetal wax blend with braided, lead-free cotton wick packaged in a smoke glass tumbler. 

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