MO x Red A Stool


A contemporary classic stool from Hong Kong, now reimagined by MO

MO x Red-A is a collaboration that pays tribute to Hong Kong’s historically rich manufacturing heritage, an industry which has since been superseded by financial services and real estate development. Red-A is a household name in Hong Kong, with over 70 years in plastic manufacturing excellence, providing merchandise ranging from household goods, to kitchenware, and other supplies for industrial applications. 

MO x Red-A stool is designed to look like a bishop chess piece; simple, yet the inward curvatures of the body impart an elegant impression. 

Dimensions: D305 x H440mm

Maximum Load capacity: 350lbs

Material: Polypropylene

Colours Available: Hazy & Serene

Easily disassembled and stacked for storage

Material is FDA standard compliant

Product is ASTM F1838-Class B standard certified

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