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Every day several million single-use masks are disposed of in Hong Kong; as a business with products that directly impact the environment, we are aware of our ecological footprint. Over the past year, we have been diligently sourcing suitable materials that serve to lessen the burden placed on the environment, and will allow MaskOn to develop a reliable single-use biodegradable mask with all the protective and user-friendly properties of a conventional non-woven face mask.

In our continuous pursuit to reform the practice of mask-wearing, we’re making minor improvements along the way to show that we’re invested in the process. We believe these small innovations will have ripple effects that inspire change to the benefit of society at large. At the individual level, it presents an opportunity to enhance participation beyond mere consumption, thereby enriching the user experience. Of course, staying true to MaskOn’s way of doing things, we did not compromise our distinct design aesthetic, putting forth a product that engages and delights the senses; we hope you are able to appreciate the product as much as we took pleasure in bringing it from concept to reality:

Be Honest.
Be Different.
Act with Candour. 

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The Candour series masks are designed to biodegrade* under anaerobic landfill conditions (without light and oxygen); therefore, placing less of a burden on the environment compared with conventional non-woven disposable masks. MaskOn is the first retailer in Hong Kong to provide biodegradability test results over a period of 365 days. The masks fully comply with ASTM F2100 Level 3 and EN14683 Type IIR filtering standards with the added benefit of being constructed with earth-friendly materials. Including the plastic packaging, all of the mask materials are biodegradable, with the exception of the metal nose clip piece, ear loops, and single melt blown layer, which were optimised for comfort and breathability. Mask wearing that affords a clear conscience—now made possible.

*In accordance with ISO 15985 / ASTM D5511 standard, the mask is tested to prove its biodegradation rate over 30% in one year.

reusable mask hong kong-可重用口罩-mask hong kong-可降解口罩-mask in hong kong-maskon口罩

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  • 4-Ply Biodegradable Protective Mask
  • Certified Biodegradable in accordance with ASTM D5511 / ISO 15985
  • BFE >99%, PFE >99%, VFE >99%
  • ASTM F2100-19 Level 3
  • EN14683 Type IIR
  •  SIZE: L   172mm x 93mm(+/-5mm)
  •  SIZE: M  157mm x 93mm(+/-5mm)
  • SIZE: S   142mm x 93mm(+/-5mm)
  • Individually-packed
  • 30pcs/Box
  • Made in Hong Kong

Certifications: See here

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