Nano-EO Antimicrobial Fabric Freshener (Sweet Sandalwood)


The Nano-EO nanotechnology formula effectively kills 99.9% of coronavirus. The patented ABV bioactive coating maintains 24-hour antibacterial and antiviral effect.

The Sweet Sandalwood Nano-EO spray is formulated to be used on fabrics and other soft textile surfaces. Safe to spray on all clothing and fabric surfaces, the Sweet Sandalwood fragrance is neutral and pleasant.

Contains: water-soluble sandalwood and amber fragrance, water-soluble sweet orange essential oil, peppermint essential oil


Proprietary Nano-EO Antimicrobial System
Effectively kills >99.9% of Coronavirus
  • Water-based, alcohol-free system delivers a synergistic blend of essential oils and ingredients to disinfect various fabric and soft textile surfaces
Patented ABV Film-forming Technology
  • Provides long-lasting antibacterial effect up to 24H*
 *As tested in lab on plastic surface

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